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Job openings:

Business Economist    

Develop economic models and econometric reports to advise management on strategic business planning for current supermarket locations as well as long term plan for adding future locations; conduct research on trends related to supply/demand of grocery goods and advising management for sourcing and stocking goods; analyze and report economic impact of new laws and regulations relating to the import and sales of food and grocery goods; apply appropriate methodology and techniques to collect and analyze data for determination and maximization of the business profit; compile, analyze and report data relating to demographics, customer preferences, competition, business forecasts on existing and new locations, using mathematical models and statistical business techniques. 

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Economics or Marketing plus 3 years of experience as Business Economist in food market sector.  Experience must include 2 years economic research using mathematical models & statistical techniques on business and strategic planning.
Send resume to HR, Sea Town Inwood Marquetta LLC, 3795 10th Avenue, New York, NY 10034.