3795 10th Avenue​​​,
New York , NY 10034


We offer only the finest salad and sliced-to-order cold cuts from famous delicatessen.

We offer good range of meat, fish, cheese and breads, as well as spices, sauces, prepared and dried foods, including gluten free.


We pride ourselves in having the freshest vegetables in the neighborhood.

Our Fruits and Vegetables are purchased every day from local markets.

We also buy locally grown apples, tomatoes, corn and cucumbers.

We also have a wide selection of Caribbean, Mexican and Centralamerican Fruits and Vegetables. 
Our meat department is complemented with a wide variety of Smoked Meats, Charcuteries and other specialty items.

Feel free to ask our Butcher Fernando to personally prepare your cuts, in your way. For FREE.


Our Specialty. We have bring our fish daily to keep it fresh.

Our unique combination of great seafood at a low price makes us the Best Fish Market in Upper Manhattan.
We carry all major national brands, along with a nice selection of Specialty, Organic, Glutten Free and Non GMO groceries, to fill up your pantry.